More photos

These are from yesterday, too.


These are from yesterday, too — today is gloomy, so I didn’t take pictures. Shopping still is a disaster. You barely visit two shops and they start closing with fantastic speed. And shop consultants absolutely don’t try to sell you anything. Mostly they don’t approach you at all. Perhaps they didn’t have trainings :) Or perhaps British just don’t like that.

Saint Mary the Virgin, the University Church.

Cornmarket Street.

Perhaps same street.

Urban typographics 2.

The oldest Oxford’s building.

My guest house, again.

Colleges are indeed very gothic.

More gothic.

And even more gothic.

See you!

Один ответ к “More photos”

«Urban typographics 2» — идея с «черной таблеткой для небес» на самом деле неплоха…

«PICT0149» (из серии «I finally got to put a few photos to flickr.») — очень любопытная идея визуального выражения Сумрака! :)

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